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UPDATE : The steel shortage in the South African market is ongoing and is not expected to be resolved in the short term, thus the major problem of sourcing steel products and roofing material as well as the escallating prices, will impact project planning and progress. 

  Please check with us before you finalise your project.  Price increases are also expected during the rest of 2022.

Please also check availability.

A supplier may be able to offer pricing at the time of quotation but later when an order is placed, there is no material, thus prices have to be reviewed and delays  can occur.

The range of material and profile products in the South African market at present is vast, and due to international investments and imports, the range is growing.
Hopefully this site will assist in enlightening you on the correct information with no "sales talk" but facts.
Many people confuse the material and the profile of a product so here is the correct difference between them ;

MATERIALS : This is the type of metal and type of protection layer that constitutes the material used for a product.

Galvanised Steel : - The most commonly known is steel based with a galvanised protection layer on either side of the steel. The steel thickness can vary from 0.27mm to 0.80mm for roofing products and to 3.0mm for other products. The galvanised coating is almost pure Zinc with the thickness also varying from Z100 to Z275 (S.A.B.S.) to Z600 for special applications. The Z value denoting the thickness of the galvanising in g/m˛.
Chromadek® :- This is galvanised steel material which is then painted under factory conditions to a range of 13 different colours. Also see Chromadek Ultim® which is a thicker paint coating.
Zincalume® : - This is also steel based with a Zincalume® protection layer on either side of the steel. The steel thickness generally varies fron 0.47mm to 0.55mm in the S.A. market. The Zincalume® coating is made up of a mixture of approximately 43.5% Zinc, 55% Alumimium and 1.5% Silicon. The thickness of this coating varies from AZ100 to AZ150 to AZ200 (g/m˛).
Colourbond® : - This is Zincalume steel material  which is then painted under factory conditions to a range of colours. Also see Colourbond Ultra® which is a thicker paint coating.
Zincal® : - This is also a steel based material with the zinc and aluminium compound protective coating from Safal Steel in South Africa.  The coating thickness varies from AZ70 to the standard AZ150 to the thicker coating of AZ200 (g/m˛).

Colourplus® : - This is Zincal steel material with a factory applied paint coating to a variety of colours. Also see the Colourplus Ultima with the thicker protective coating of AZ200 and thicker paint coating
Then the imported materials such as Zincalum and Aluzinc with the painted products of Colourlume® and other names from Korea, China and the Far East.

Aluminum Mill-Tech : - This is virgin aluminium, produced in 0.7mm, 0.8mm and 0.9mm thicknesses for the roofing industry. It is unpainted and very resistant to corrosion.
Aluminium Color-Tech :- This is aluminium Mill-Tech material which is then painted under factory conditions to a range of colours. The standard range is called G4 whilst the PVFD range is a thicker more durable paint coating.
Aluminium Ezclad :- This is recycled aluminium that can have some impurities in it but due to the cost factor is the most widely used in the roofing industry. It is also available in the Mill-Tech and Color-Tech product ranges.
Other specialised materials include Copper and Stainless Steel.

The above materials are produced at a mill in a flat coil form which are then supplied to the profiling companies who process the coils through a profiling roller machine to produce the shaped roof sheets in the differing profiles as shown below.

PROFILES : This is the shape of the finished product irrespective of the material used.
Conventional fixing profiles : -

Corrugated 610 (8.5) and 762 (10.5)           IBR 686 (Industrial Box Rib)
Widespan 762                                            Nu-Rib 762
Supa-Clad 890                                           Industrial 5 (A5) 635
Industrial 7 (A7) 890                                  IBR 890

Secret fixing profiles : -

Brownbuilt 406                                           Diamond Deck 407
Craft-Lock 385                                           Klip-Lok 406 and 700
Klip-Tite 700                                              Saflock 410 and 700 
Newlok                                                      Zip-tech

Cladding profiles : -

Bond-Lok                                                    Bond-Dek

Metal Roofing Tiles : -

Arma-Tile                                                   Harveytile
Lifestile                                                      Versatile



As part of the roofing requirements for translucent sheeting for natural light we are able to supply a range of imported product.

FLASHING PRODUCTS : These items are usually manufactured in the same material as the roof sheets and assist in waterproofing specific areas of the roof and also protecting the sub-structure.
Standard Range 
: - Plain Ridge or Hip, Roll Top Ridge or Hip, Plain Valley or Rolled gutter Valley, Gable Barge, Fascia Barge, Corner External or Internal, Headwall, Sidewall, Jamb Closed, Jamb Open, Counter, Cill, Drip, Window.
These items are based on standard girths of material for a product but can also be produced in a non-standard size and range of flashing, within manufacturing capabilities.

Non-Standard Range : - Curved flashings and hips made to the specification of the cranked sheets or as required, within manufacturing capabilities.

Specials : - These products are based on the girth of material required for the final product and the practical possible bending detail to form the final product.


The most important item is the fixing accessory, without the correct product for the chosen material, the roof product will not stay on the roof !!

There is a masive variety of products in the market, some good, some bad, but let us stay with some basics without getting to technical.

For galvanised and Chromadek® products a galvanised coated fixing is fine.
For Zincalume and Colourbond® products a Class 3 or 4 fixing is specified.
For aluminium and Color-Tech® products a Class 5 stainless steel fixing is specified.

Then there are different type of fixings for use with timber purlins and use with steel purlins, either hammer in or self drilling screw in.

The choice is yours !!

Don't forget there are the clip fixings for the Secret Fix Clip system roof sheets. These are specific for the roof profile sheets and will have their own manufacturer specifications which must be strictly adhered to.
There is also a range of specialist brackets for specific roof sheet profiles for attaching other products such as, solar pannels, geysers, air conditioners, walkways, safety rails, signage or anything else, onto the roofing.

Forward your detailed requirements to terry@terrywaite.co.za 
or contact Terry on 082 852 1691 to discuss your needs.
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