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A wide range of standard and special size gutters are available for the domestic and industrial market, restricted only by the girth of material available and bending specifications.
To compliment the gutters, there is also a range of Outlets, Downpipes, Swanneck offsets, Shoes and associated accessories for discharge of the rainwater.
These are available in a range of materials from Galvanised, Zincalume, Zincal, Aluminium Mill-Tech, to the pre-painted Chromadek®, Colourbond®, Colourplus®, Color-Tech® and other special materials, based on availability.

Standard girths of material for sectional gutters are 308mm,  460mm, 925mm and 1225mm dependant on the thickness of materials used.  Other girth sectional gutters are available within the above mentioned parameters.

In galvanised material the standard thickness of 0.58mm, 0.80mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm, 1.9mm to 3.0mm are used.
In Zincalume, Zincalum, Colourbond, Colourplus material the standard thickness of 0.53mm, 0.55mm and 0.80mm is available depending on manufacturer.
In Aluminium the standard material is 0.80mm. The other thicknesses of 0.70mm and 0.90mm are rarely used or available.

For Downpipes the maximum thickness of material is 0.80mm in steel and 0.90mm for aluminium, due to the restrictions of machinery folding capabilities.

Continuous length aluminium gutters are available from a variety of manufacturers who will profile and fit on site to suit the gutter length requirement. The girth is small and usually only suits domestic type conditions.

Discussion Board :  The amount of rainfall on a roof will determine the size of the gutters and also the quantity and size of downpipes. 1mm of rain over 1m² of roof will give approximately 1 litre of runoff.  A rough guideline for the size of gutters and downpipes is the assumption that 1cm² of cross-sectional downpipe is sufficient for 1m² of roof area and 7cm² of cross-sectional gutter is sufficient for 5m² of roof area for average rainfall conditions. In heavier rainfall areas or larger roofs this assumption should be increased to 10cm² of cross-sectional downpipe to 7m² of roof area and consequently drier areas can be reduced to 5cm² of cross-sectional downpipe to 7m² of roof area. The gutter calculation is adjusted accordingly.

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